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Manufacturing Springs

Spring Manufacturing

Over 70 years in the business, Lewis Spring has accumulated a wide variety of equipment and expertise to help provide our customers with more options from one supplier. Our array of equipment allows us to cold form wire up to Ø0.196” (0.250” for softer metals) into most shapes, and a highly flexible work force allows us to complete time sensitive and last minute orders while keeping costs competitive.

Our shop has 7 primary in-house manufacturing departments – Coiling, Fourslide & Stampings, Secondary forming, Grinding & Tumbling, Part Cleaning & Finishes, Assembly, and Packaging.

Coiling is our largest department. From reliable cam driven machines to new CNCs, Lewis Spring can manufacture most compression, extension, and torsion springs, as well as wire forms in a multitude of designs.

Fourslide & Stampings involve some of the most complex machinery and tooling in our plant, able to bend, form and punch both wire and strip. These mechanically symphonious machines require custom tooling, but once set up they run like butter.

Secondaries give us the capability to perform small bends and modifications that are otherwise too tight or stressful for even modern machinery. Thanks to our dedicated and experienced tooling staff, Lewis Spring can manufacture and modify your tightest designs.

Grinding & Tumbling is often needed to finish the parts to the physical specifications.  We offer end grinding of compression springs and rings, tumbling, and deburring -all in house.

Part Cleaning & Finishes is often the final step. In house we offer passivation of stainless steel, painting, color coding in solids, stripes, or any other pattern, rust protectant lubricants or oils, and cleaning processes. We have access to many other services such as various platings (you name it, we'll find it), powder coatings,  non-destructive inspection services, and more.

Assembly is customized to meet our customers’ requirements. It includes the addition of spring sleeves for protection, foam strips for stability and/or noise reduction, combining multi-part products, or simply special packaging techniques. 

Packaging is more diverse than one would think. Some springs are just placed in a box, though others in danger of tangling can be placed in layers, placed in neat rows on sticky boards, packed on tubes, packed in heat shrink wrap, packed in bags with rust preventive measures, packed labeled with piece count and material traceability, and whatever else you may need, from boxes that will fit in your hand to boxes a small refrigerator would fit in.