Practical Applications

Springs are used and even hidden in an innumerable amount of places, from automobile breaks to pet products, furniture, valves, door knobs, and more. Basically anywhere something needs to be popped, pulled, or twisted back into place, a spring is the tool of choice for centuries of mechanical evolution.
With so many springs in so many places, it's easy to take them for granted, which is incidentally why so many fail. But Lewis Spring makes it it's business to care about each spring and make sure only the best quality springs are produced so your product does not fail.
The Engineers here at Lewis Spring have helped our customers in many projects such as air pressure regulators, circuit breaking devices, exercise machines, pitching machines, pressure relief valves, shock absorbers, pliers, locks, switches, boat seats, folding beds, automotive fuel regulators, and more.
Let an experienced staff help you on your next project.