IATF Certified!

After a long but successful transition process, we're officially certified to serve you more automotive quality products

•Lewis Spring Adopts 5S

5S is a proven concept of increasing efficiency, organization, and safety through maintaining Lean principles

•Purchased: Mini CNC Coiler

This CNC coiler specializes in putting complex twists, bends, and arms on the end of compression or extension springs

•We're Beefing Up Our Wire Form Capacity

We're adding more machines and more people to our line to help you get your parts faster

•2017 Top Priority: Acquire OSHA and Environmental Certifications

We're already taking action, now lets get certified

•Another New Inspection Machine Purchased

With the success of our last addition, we had to order another, this time with more capabilities.

•Lancaster Safety To Spearhead Our New Safety Program

4mm (.157") Wire Former Purchased

Lewis Spring has recently purchased a new 4mm programmable wire former with 12 axis, cam free, and rotating quill & rotating wire capabilities

Lewis Spring Launches New Website

Lewis Spring is all about “Continuous Improvement” and has been actively upgrading capabilities and efficiencies in every department