Customer Support

To Lewis Spring, a Customer Solution is an answer we provide to make your everyday problems easier, or even go away. Whether you are ordering, have quality concerns, or just inquiring, we want to make the process as easy and friendly as possible for you. Here are some ways we can take the load off, or even automate your process:

Customer Service & Ordering

At Lewis Spring, your account is assigned a single representative, meaning you deal with the same person every time who understands the whole story. Our friendly and experienced staff is comfortable and compatible communicating via EDI, web portal, emails or phone calls. And to make your job ordering even easier, you can ask Lewis Spring to do custom ordering processes such as:

Blanket Orders – AKA Contract Schedules, we can automate our production schedule to ship parts at your requested intervals.

Releases – We produce the whole quantity, and you order as you need.

Canban – For long term designs, we produce parts when inventory is low so you can continue ordering as needed (think grocery stores ordering milk before they run out).

Just let your customer representative know when ordering your parts!

Engineering & Quality Services

A staff of 3 Engineers and 2 Quality experts is fully engaged here to offer several services, often for free. Engineering handles quotes, part design, and process flow planning. Every quote comes with a free engineering evaluation, and at least one engineer is usually available to help you on a custom design if the original is still experiencing problems.

We take quality seriously here at Lewis Spring, so much so that every new part is inspected twice by different technicians before leaving the door. Extensive paperwork is kept on every part; therefore we can offer full PPAP capabilities often for a lesser fee than our competitors. Upon request, any order can be cycle tested, 100% load tested, or 100% gauge inspected.

In-House Tooling

Doesn't sound like much, but an in-house tooling department can make custom tooling for your orders, make custom guages for checking your orders, and reduce machine maintenance costs which helps reduce pricing on your orders.

Packaging & Delivery

Tired of receiving a box of barrel monkeys? Is untangling springs costing you more in labor than you paid for the box? Ask an engineer how we can fix that. We’ve devised several methods, from packing on tubes or sticky boards, to redesigning parts so they don’t have as much room to tangle. Between our assembly, packing, and shipping departments, there are several options to get you the best solution.

We are also located a stone’s throw from Chicago O’Hare, major ground hubs, and several highways to provide easy delivery worldwide.


Lewis Spring also has an open communication policy with all our customers. Whether you want a personal face to face meeting, direct contact with an engineer, or prefer ordering through a system, we are happy to meet your needs.

To speak directly with customer service, an engineer, our quality director, or anyone else, feel free to contact us or request a quote.

As always, the phone lines are open from 7:30am to 4:00pm Mon-Fri (Central/Chicago time).

Customer Solutions

Visit our Customer Solutions page often to learn about the cool things we are doing for our customers