Custom Springs

Lewis Spring & Mfg Company is a quality oriented high volume manufacturer of custom springs, rings, wire forms, and light metal stampings for OEMs & suppliers of any industry.

We aim for 2 things here- To deliver top quality parts with zero defects to you on time, and to be your one stop need for all things spring, ring, metal stampings and wire form related (with as little hassle as possible). This spring manufacturing company has over 70 years worth of machinery, expertise, and vendor relations to produce a wide variety of quality custom springs matched correctly to your most demanding requirements for precision, performance, durability, and price.

You can check out our other value added capabilities here, or contact our degreed professionals for help hereFor any requests or inquiries, we invite you to request a free, non-obligatory quote today.

Compression Springs

Our compression springs are available in any body shape, ground ends, variable pitch, and more. Capabilities: Øwire 0.008"-0.196"

Extension Springs

Whether you need standard loops or custom hooks, we have you covered; usually in one operation (saving you money). Capabilities: Øwire 0.008"-0.196"

Torsion Springs

Available in single and double torsion and any leg configuration. Capabilities: Øwire 0.008"-0.157"

Industrial Rings

Custom rings can be made circular or ovular, single coil with gap or multi-coil, and straightened ends. Capabilities: 0.004"-0.196" (0.276" if copper)

Constant Force Springs

Custom constant force springs (aka clock springs) can be made with round wire or rectangular strip and custom hooks. Capabilities: Øwire 0.003”-0.078"

Flat Springs & Small Stampings

Our stampings and flat springs can be cut and bent in nearly any shape. Capabilities: Strip Thickness 0.004"-0.078"

Wire Forms

Our CNC bending machines can twist wire into almost any shape. Capabilities: Øwire 0.008"-0.157"