Maintenance Technician


CLOSED: AUG 14, 2017


Need a dependable, organized, mechanically inclined individual who is comfortable and capable of working alone, and managing their own projects and inventory. Computer literacy a plus here.

Duties include:

  • Disassemble/repair/install mechanical parts in gear/cam driven machinery
  • Install/fix/replace small electrical components, gauges, sensors, wiring, etc.
  • Construct/repair metal or wood structures, containers, shelving, cabinets, furniture, benches, flooring, ducts, guards, etc.
  • Miscellaneous painting, brick laying, glazing, tiling, walkway repair, etc. as required
  • Prepare foundations, determine necessary rigging and alignment of equipment, and plan appurtenances
  • Considerable judgment required to plan procedures, move and install equipment, and make necessary repairs in the plant
  • Prep outdoor walking areas during winter months

Maintenance currently consists of 1 other employee and is required to send at least 1 representative to weekly production meetings and monthly safety meetings.

Full-time position on 1st shift (6am-2:30pm)

Education required: High school or equivalent

Experience: At least 1year in a mechanical environment preferred


To apply, please email Human Resources at with your resume


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